Wonderful news, marriage equality has finally become a reality in Australia! It is a relief to many that have fought so hard, and those who have endured so much, to have discrimination removed from the Marriage Act.


In the past, I have been heartened by the countless times couples have asked me speak about their support for marriage equality in their ceremony, and the many times the audiences to their marriage have burst into spontaneous applause.


As of this Saturday, 9 December 2017, all same sex couples can lodge their Notice of Intended Marriage with a celebrant. This notice must be lodged at least one month, and no more than 18 months, before your wedding ceremony.


You can download the notice from the link below;




You will also need some original ID when you lodge it with a celebrant, such as a passport or birth certificate and photo ID such as a drivers licence or proof of age card.


To find out more about legalities and what’s involved in the process, please feel free to contact me for an obligation free meeting via my ‘contact page’.


I am looking forward to being able to marry couples regardless of their sexual orientation, as love is love, and human rights are human rights.